Finding the Fairness in AI

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more widely used to make decisions that affect our lives, making certain it is fair is a growing concern.

Covid-19 Patients Put Remote Care to the Test

Doctors and hospitals have strived to replace some in-person care with telemedicine during the pandemic.

Cities With More Hateful Tweets Have More Hate Crimes, Study Finds

High levels of race-based discrimination online correlates with offline violence in cities across America, new study finds.

Text Messages Quickly Track Healthcare Use During Ebola Outbreak

NYU Study Confirms Accuracy of Digital Polling, Which Could Also Deploy in Other Health Emergencies.


How respiratory illnesses spread in a workplace community.

Scientists are working on ways of predicting where the flu will strike next

What if scientists were able to forecast the spread of flu the way meteorologists forecast the weather?

Online Platforms to Share Medical Data Launch

The “Genes for Good” Facebook app and the Open Humans Network plan to recruit large numbers of volunteers for medical studies using social media.

The Latest Tool for Tracking Obesity? Facebook Likes

Obesity is a big problem that needs big solutions, and Facebook may be coming to the rescue.

Disease Sleuths Surf For Outbreaks Online

Most folks who wake up feeling crummy will sit down with a computer or smartphone before they sit down with a doctor.

Twitter data accurately tracked Haiti cholera outbreak

Social media could give epidemiologists a head start on outbreaks.

Tracking infectious disease on Twitter

Putting all publicly available tweets with the word "cholera" and the hashtag "#cholera" on a timeline, researchers at HMS were able to show a surge in cholera-related tweets early in the epidemic.