NYU-Moi Data Science for Social Determinants Training Program

The overarching goal of the Data Science for Social Determinants (DSSD) at New York University, Moi University and Brown University is to develop future leaders in data science who are equipped to develop and analyze data to better leverage deep and rich survey as well as internet and other digitized data sources that can help us capture information on the social determinants of health. DSSD’s design will rapidly expand the local base of expertise via curriculum development, resulting in 2 PhD (4-year training) and 6 total postdoctoral (2-year) and faculty trainees (12-14 month) will train at NYU, while 8 Masters and 2 PhD trainees will commence or complete training (2-year and 4-year training, respectively) through newly developed data science tracks at Moi University. Connecting with local data science industries and organizations (IBM, Deep Learning Indaba, DataKind, AI.Kenya and Aga Khan University Nairobi and Karachi) will bring in and create intellectual meeting spaces for a wide pool and variety of talented trainees from both data science and health backgrounds, to propel and sustainably advance data science capacity in Kenyan institutions as well as the DSI-consortium.

Relevant Papers

Kuhlman, C., Jackson, L. and Chunara, R., 2020, August. No Computation without Representation: Avoiding Data and Algorithm Biases through Diversity. In Proceedings of the 26th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining (pp. 3593-3593).